Sunday 25th August, 2019 Reflection


On this Twenty First Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B, the Church encourages us to always choose Christ. At times when we come to the crossroad of life, we become confused because we need to make choices that will make or mar our future. The First Reading and the Gospel presents us with two choices: between remaining or abandoning God. Joshua asked the Israelites to make a choice: between serving God and other gods. Christ asked his disciples: “What about you, do you want to go away too? Using the analogy of marriage, Paul reminds us that just as a man or a woman chooses a wife or a husband due to love, so did Christ choose and took us to Himself. King David displayed his wisdom by making a right choice: “I do not want to be punished by human beings. Let the Lord himself be the one to punish us, for he is merciful” (2 Sam 24:10-25). In spite of all odds, choosing to remain with Christ is, and will always be the best choice for anyone who is as wise.


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