Parish Prayer for January


Sunday, 12th The grace to keep to our Baptismal vows.

Monday, 13th To thank God for his protection, journey mercies and successful resumption of Schools.

Tuesday, 14th For God to grant students especially our Children, knowledge, understanding and retentive memory as they embark on their studies.

Wednesday, 15th For the Pope, Clergy and Religious, the grace to abide by their vows and strength to carry out their Priestly and religious duties.

Thursday, 16th God to provide the strength, grace and resources for families to carry out their 2020 plans.

Friday, 17th For growth in the Businesses and careers of all Parishioners.

Saturday, 18th The successful execution of the Parish plan for 2020.

Sunday, 19th Active participation of parishioners in all the Church activities for 2020.

Monday, 20th God’s blessings for members of Iwene Tansi State Association as they Celebrate the Feast Day of Blessed Tansi.

Tuesday, 21st For a renewed zeal among Christians for the spread of the Gospel.

Wednesday, 22nd For Christians, especially Catholics to live out their Christian callings.

Thursday, 23rd God’s provision for the poor, needy, orphans, prisoners, widows and widowers.

Friday, 24th For good governance in Nigeria and end to greed corruption.

Saturday, 25th The conversion of those opposed to the Christian faith and teachings of the Holy Catholic Church.

Sunday, 26th Unity among Christians and all people of God.

Monday, 27th For security and peace in Nigeria and the whole world, especially the Middle East.

Tuesday, 28th An end to banditry, kidnapping, terrorism and cultism in Nigeria.

Wednesday, 29th For safe release of kidnapped persons especially Leah Shuaibu and the Chibok girls.

Thursday, 30th God’s healing for the sick, both spiritual and physical.

Friday, 31st God to be merciful and grant peaceful rest to the Dead, especially family members and Parishioners.


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