Parish Prayer Intentions for March 2020


Sunday 1st: Active participation, God’s protection and success of the peaceful prayer protest by the Catholic Bishops of Nigeria.

Monday 2nd: God’s grace to go through the Lenten season renewed and transformed.

Tuesday 3rd: For parishioners to be faithful to all the Lenten observances.

Wednesday 4th: For growth in holiness and prayer life of parishioners.

Thursday 5th: God’s grace to overcome our weaknesses and habitual sins.

Friday 6th: For growth in love, forgiveness and compassion by parishioners.

Saturday 7th: That our sacrifices and meditations of our hearts be acceptable to God.

Sunday 8th: God’s blessings for those marking their birthdays and marriage anniversaries in the month of March.

Monday 9th: For God to provide for the needy, poor, orphans, widows and widowers.

Tuesday 10th: For release of prisoners especially those held unjustly.

Wednesday 11th: God’s deliverance for those addicted to hard drugs.

Thursday 12th: God’s healing for the sick especially those with terminal ailments.

Friday 13th: Release of souls in Purgatory and God’s mercy for the dead especially our family members and parishioners.

Saturday 14th: For strength and good health for the Aged especially our family members and parishioners.

Sunday 15th: God to give hope to the hopeless especially those with suicidal thoughts.

Monday 16th: That God’s blessings, and miracles in our lives may bring us close to the Lord.

Tuesday 17th: For God to provide the resources required to continue and complete the Church building project.

Wednesday 18th: God to bless those who in one way or the other are contributing to the Church building project.

Thursday 19th: For success of the Feast and Cultural Event of the Parish.

Friday 20th: God’s Peace, security and harmony in the world especially Nigeria and Africa.

Saturday 21st: For an end to kidnapping, banditry, Boko-Harram, ISWAP and killings by armed herdsmen in Nigeria.

Sunday 22nd: God to answer the prayers of Christians and defend the Church and innocent people in Nigeria.

Monday 23rd: For protection and safe release of all kidnapped persons, especially the Chibok girls and Leah Shuaibu.

Tuesday 24th: God’s protection and safety for security personnel and all those involved in the fight against insurgency in Nigeria and Africa.

Wednesday 25th: For cure and end to Coronavirus and Lassa Fever, and healing for the afflicted.

Thursday 26th: For end to greed, corruption and cultism in Nigeria.

Friday 27th: God’s protection and journey mercies for all travelers.

Saturday 28th: That decisions of the Political class should be driven by overall interest of the country and peoples of Nigeria.

Sunday 29th: For the Executive Arm of Government to execute programmes that will create jobs for the Youths and immense benefits to Nigerians.

Monday 30th: For the National and State Assemblies to enact just and fair laws, and the Judiciary to dispense justice without fear or favour.

Tuesday 31st: Thanking God for answered prayers and bringing us to the end of March.

Each volunteer to kindly remember to do the following
• Book Mass for the intention chosen on the specified date
• Pray the Rosary on the specified date
• Visit the Blessed Sacrament on the specified date
• Fast where feasible
God Bless you. Amen. For enquiries contact: 08033206445


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