Sunday 30 June 2019 – Thirteenth Sunday Ordinary Time Reflection


See Today’s Readings When Jesus invites persons to follow him, he calls them to leave all other relationships and attachments behind and to cling to him. This detachment from possessions and family enables the disciple to be free to serve God whole-heartedly.

Many of us have a desire to serve God and to offer our lives to him. But, at times, our attachment to sinful habits or attitudes, to possessions and relationships, hinders us from following him closely. We need to burn the yoke of slavery to sin and worldly things, and in its place take up the yoke of Christ to find true freedom and joy.

St Paul reminds us that if we are to enjoy the freedom that Christ has won for us, we need to allow ourselves to be guided by the Holy Spirit and to make an effort to serve others with love.

May we find joy in serving the Lord and loving him above all things.


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