Sunday 7 July 2019 – Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Reflection

The March of Abraham

The blessings of God come upon us not only in the absence of trials. God visits us with His blessing in spite of our trials. He lifts his children from glory to glory, not because they are good, but because he is good. This goodness can only be compared to an overflowing stream. His disciples are stunned that they are able to perform wonders and that the devil bows down to them. Little do they know that it is not about them, but about God’s goodness. God will bless you, not so much because you deserve it, but because it is His nature. Do not give up. God has not forgotten about you and your condition. In the fullness of time, he will cause his blessings to flow in your life like a river

See today’s Prayer of the Faithful


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