Wednesday September 4, 2019 Reflection

Jesus Heals Peter's Mother-in-Law Luke 4:38-39

Jesus shows his compassion and concern for Simon’s mother-in-law, who is ill with a high fever. Having healed her, he continues his ministry of preaching and healing, not only in the surrounding regions of Galilee, but even other cities. His ministry is reinforced and recharged by his personal communion with his father as he goes to spend time in a “lonely place”. In Jesus, we can find our comfort and succour, strength and courage live our Christian life in today’s competitive, busy and noisy world. He brings solace to our body, mind and spirit. He is the compassionate saviour who makes himself available in our weariness and weakness. We need to find the time and place for our personal communion with him. And, having experienced the joy of healing and freedom, we too, like Simon’s mother-in-law, need to engage ourselves in service


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